Your Guide To Successful Weight Loss

September 30, 2010 Off By Ron Poldark

Weight loss and diets

There are only two ways to lose weight, eat less or burn more calories. Easy to say!


Eat less

Follow the recipe: Everybody know if they reduce food quantities, remove fat, reduce carbohydrates, success is guaranteed. Everybody must lose weight if follow these rules. This way of losing weight is the most logical. However, some people fail to lose weight, others to hold the weight loss finally still others lose their morale. After several trials, each is able to recognize its potential to lose weight, and consider the most feasible.

For those who can lose weight without depression or without relapse. The easiest way is to set a goal of maximum calories to consume per day, consistent with physical activity. Sheets exist for this purpose. (See file)

Once the weight reached reasonable, it must be maintained with sufficient physical activity (thus often increased) and dietary habits final. (See file)

For those who are depressed when they can eat when they need or want, what works?

Expend more calories

This is where life is horrible and unfair: there are people whose bodies need more calories than average to work, and vice versa. For the same occupation with the same diet, some will lean more obese, more compliant with the NF. (In the U.S., the standard is a little different).

Take comfort a little unlucky, in case of famine, the first to pass the weapon to the left will be those who need a lot of calories to live normally. Hindus, particularly sensitized to this issue, have understood this: obesity is a sign of beauty.

In practice, the plan for depressed

For them, life is not easy. They want to lose weight, they make plans, they almost automatically become depressed, and eventually they make special treats between meals, it’s just if they remember . Morale is up, the weight too, sometimes even a little more. While they reduce the amount they are taking the maximum amount of fat …

Experience shows that there is a healthy way to weight loss for those people who do not support these frustrations and in particular lose their moral: it is necessary to increase physical activity.