Why do we gain weight?

Why do we gain weight?

February 18, 2011 Off By Ron Poldark

No matter how hungry, and still gain weight, why? In order to understand, it is necessary to understand some natural principle in the human organism to which it leads. All we explain very briefly and simply, as though the majority of people who have problems with obesity are not doctors or nutritionists.

Calories, which is so often mentioned, the energy units that show how much energy certain foods provide. Living organisms every day should be a certain amount of calories to survive the day. If your body can enter the excess calories, it means more than the body needs that day then the calories saved for tomorrow. Save the calories in the form of fat is a mechanism that exists in our body ages. In the past, human beings have to do much more to be able to obtain sufficient calories for their bodies. Men would walk for days and followed the animals would be caught and then brought their families in the house. Our bodies have adapted to it and every time you eat more than our bodies are required to register as there is a possibility that tomorrow we will have nothing to eat and store fat for tomorrow. How to survive long enough to buy food again.

Evolution of diets

Through time people have developed all sorts of ways of food production and now, at least in the western world, we have plenty of food. No longer do we walk in the woods and mountains in search of food but take off the shelf. In fact we spend very little calories to obtain the new calories. Our bodies have not evolved in line with our way of life.

Today’s lifestyle is expected of us to live fast and eat a quickie. None of us have time to cook healthy foods and vegetables and take care to eat only foods with few calories. Think a little food that you eat while you work. If you have trouble, try to write down what you ate only one working week while you were at work.

Perhaps the list could look like this:

1st day – Coffee, croissant or donut, a chocolate from the vending machine, pasta with cheese for lunch, juice, soda

2nd day – Coffee, puff with cheese, turkey risotto with mushrooms for lunch, thick juice

3rd day – coffee, rolls with poppy seeds, burger and fries, mineral

4th day – coffee, croissant with chocolate, hunter stew and dumplings, juice, soda

5th day – Coffee, chickpeas, kidney beans – squid with mashed potatoes – fish and fries, juice, soda

This may not be exactly even close, but I think it gives you an idea. If we consider you will see that while you are at work almost exclusively eat fats and carbs. Rolls mainly eat a lot and they are full of carbohydrates, potatoes are also carbohydrates and fat often … etc etc. No need to explain further.

R.D.K holdings S.A

Now in the 21st century in his body only during working hours while sitting in their body types in more calories than our ancestors brought in 3 days chasing through the woods. A physiologically speaking, our body has not changed much since the time of our ancestors, except that we have a little less hair, so the only thing that our body can be with so many calories to keep them.

The solution to this is to reduce calorie intake, but not drastically, and without having to reduce the amount of food intake. Simply choose foods with less calories, or calories in a different form. Instead of eating biscuits in the morning, eat a banana or an apple or an orange.